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The one with sand in the face might be one of my favorite shots I've seen this week in my daily photo blog looks!


What a feeling you convey, really life affirming shots. You really know how to catch kids just being themselves!


I'm almost weeping! I miss the sea and the Philippines so much!


A pleasure to see them so enjoying. I like a lot yout first image. A confident look.


you capture the essential moments of life


Lovely shots. They all look like they're having the time of their lives!


Lovely shots of the innocent children, Sidney. I like this. :)


this is crazy! crazy beautiful. the sea has always been our bestfriend. don't care about the dirt. don't care if we are poor. don't care if get beaten by the heat of the sun. don't care as long as we're happy. i am one of those kids who grew up loving the sea.


Nice capture of a happy moment.


LOL sand face-so funny...i used to do that when i was!!! thanks to make me laugh after long day at work:-)


Okay, happy kids but I think about the diseases. Sometimes the sea is poluuted. Okay, I am redirecting my frame of mind. Nice shots and these children are always happy. They don't have many material things. They have different priorities in life and they are better off than some of the children who would want for nothing. Okay again, I am rather pessimistic today. Maybe in a better frame of mind next time.


HAha. Nice capture of kids at play! I like the one with the sand in face portrait and the last shot here


Such a sweet portrait's collection ! I would like to go there, you've got THE eye !!!
Congratulations !


Love the first photo of the girl. Great pose, superb composition.


What fun!


Love the photos! They look really happy and enjoying the moments when you took their photos!


Al Bjørnstad

Nothing is more beautiful to look at than happy kids.
Love the photos sidney!


i love to see this kinds of pic. the simplicity in the life of the people in the fishing village and the childrens happy moods. we have a beach house in Bancaan, Naic, Cavite and this picture is just like what i see around our beach house. we are fenced, but we let the children play at the beach front area and i love watching them if i am at home and sepending the time at the beach house.nice pics.


all shots in this serie are wonderful!


These children seem so happy. Very refreshing!


Innocence and Happiness!

I like the fact that children are looking at you as if the were conveying a message



i love the photo of the kid with the sand on his face !


love them kiddies....such joy and beauiful expression...


beautifulst photographyof your country , also the previous ones are wonderful.
Unfortunately in these days I have had to work and I do not have post of the comments


Beautiful pictures.

I love the sight and sound of children laughing and playing.

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